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Christine in Happy Pants
Original Happy Pants Illustration
by David Tracy

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for you!

We have been utilizing Christine’s services for well over 10 years. As Christine always answers the telephone with a cheerful smile in her voice, we have dubbed her
Ms. Happy Pants!
She always provides excellent customer service and routinely goes above and beyond. If she does not have it, she knows someone who does! You can always trust her to give you excellent advice and an honest price.

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James W. Scott
Two Twelve Co., Inc.
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Imagesetting/Camera Film/Film Chemistries
Traditional (Negative-Working) Metal Offset Plates
CtP Positive Thermal Plates (email or call)
CtP Negative Thermal Plates (email or call)
Processless CtP Thermal Plates (email or call)
Newspaper Plates
Laser Plates
(Many options--Email or call)
Laser & Inkjet Film
(Many options--Email or call for pricing)
Offset Press Blankets
Offset Press Rollers
Press Chemistries
Pressure-Sensitive Label Stock
Shrink Wrap/Film
Non-Hazardous Blanket/Roller Wash
Print Shop Wipes and Cloths
Bindery and Finishing Supplies
Bindery and Finishing Equipment

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